Bat Speed Recon Unit

Bat Speed Recon Unit


Measure your true bat speed with precision and accuracy.  The Bat Speed Recon™ instantly shows bat speed in increments of .1 MPH.


Two bright LED displays.  One for the hitter, the other for the coach. Super quick setup.   Start a training session in seconds.  Easy to use for all ages.


Know your personal best bat speed.  Always try to beat your fastest swing.

Bat Speed Recon Uses:


• Accurately measure raw bat speed. 

• Train for improved bat speed.      

• Evaluate and rank players by their bat speed.

• Evaluate your strength, conditioning, and  training program over time.




  • Accurate bat speed measurement for training or evaluation.

  • Measures bat speed in increments of 1/10 of one MPH.

  • Hit balls off of a tee or take dry swings.

  • Easy to use for all ages.

  • Two bright LED displays with large easy to read numbers.

  • Coach can monitor players’ bat speed from up to 30 feet away.

  • Indoor or outdoor.  Even in bright sunlight.

  • Easy to program training sets, or “continuous" mode.

  • Resets itself in one second.  Ready for the next swing.

  • Keeps track of your peak and average for each set.

  • Internal rechargeable battery that lasts up to 8 hours per charge.

  • Battery charge percentage indicator.

  • Durable metal housing.  8” x 5” x 4”.

* Tripod Not Included