The Perfect Bat Speed Device For You

Separate yourself from the competition. Accurately isolate and measure bat speed, without excess variables and algorithmic estimations.

1 MPH of Bat Speed = 5 ft of Distance



Turn your warning track power into home runs! Every MPH you gain using the Bat Speed Recon equates to 5 extra feet of distance on a perfectly launched baseball. Using our bat speed training program you can expect to gain 5-7 MPH on your average bat speed.

That's 25 to 35 feet of  distance!


Accurate Measurement

Know that you're getting an actual reading of your bat speed, not an estimate.

Evaluate Effectively

Checking bat speeds has never been easier using our infinity setting.

Record Storage

Knowing your peak bat speed is essential. Recon displays your peak bat speed within your set.

Rigid Construction

Recon was built with quality in mind. Every unit includes a .25" plexi-glass protective front. 

Set Tracking

Bat Speed Training requires sets. Recon keeps track of where you're at in your set to help you concentrate on swinging hard.

Use Anywhere

Whether you're inside or outside Recon's dual-sided HD screens are easily viewable.


Ready to outswing your competition?


Get yourself the Bat Speed Recon today and start feeling the difference with the most accurate swing analyzer on the market to measure your swing speed.