Everybody is talking about exit velocity these days but many people don't realize that bat speed is the most important factor in high exit velocity.


Exit velocity depends on many variables, but speed is an objective metric unencumbered by subjective factors.  It is raw, objective data.  No variables.


Velocity is a vector quantity

Bat speed is a scalar quantity


Speed:  how much distance has been covered in a particular time

Velocity:  the change of distance in a particular direction with respect to time

Acceleration: the amount of increase or decrease in velocity


Velocity is the speed and direction


The Bat speed Recon™ is measuring the time it takes for the tip of the bat to pass both sensors.

This is both reliable and accurate.


  • The hitter’s bat speed

  • The point on the ball where it makes contact with the bat

  • The point on the bat where it makes contact with the ball

  • The speed of the incoming pitch

  • The hardness of the ball

  • The material composition of the bat

  • Humidity

  • Altitude

  • The trajectory of the bat approach


If bat speed is consistent from swing to swing, exit velocity will still vary due to the factors listed.


You can’t train for increased exit velocity without training for increased bat speed,

Exit velocity is a subset of bat speed.


•If you hit a ball perfectly, the exit velocity will be higher than bat speed.

•If you hit a ball imperfectly (grounder or pop-up), exit velocity will be lower than bat speed