Baseball Bat Swing Speed Training: How to Increase Bat Speed

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Turn Warning Track Power into HR Power

Bat speed is the one metric that is used by decision-makers, coaches and trainers at every level of  competitive baseball. Why? Because bat speed - or a lack of bat speed - plays a large part in determining if a hitter will be effective at the plate. And that’s what it’s all about; getting on base and moving runners  along.
Use the Bat Speed Recon™ to develop your own bat speed training program or use our bat speed program with an average of 5-7 MPH increase in bat speed. That might not sound like a lot, but a 7 mph  increase in average baseball bat swing speed can be the difference between hitting a single over the  shortstop’s head and delivering an easy out to that shortstop. It can also mean the difference between  your shot being chased down on the warning track and sending it over the wall for a home run.


  1. Accurate Feedback - Feedback is the best training tool and instant feedback is the key. Sports today are  uber-competitive and there just isn't time to waste trying to figure out how to increase batting power.  Know if you are making even slight improvements (accuracy to 0.1 MPH) instantly with the Bat Speed  Recon.  

  2. A Step-by-Step Plan - Using our proven 6-Week Bat Speed Program, hitters know exactly how many  sessions per week they'll need to do with reps and sets already planned out for them. We've developed  this overload underload program over 20 years of trial and error. If you follow the plan, you will see  results.  

  3. Record Awareness - In order to increase bat speed, it's imperative that players swing as hard as they can  on every rep. The Bat Speed Recon keeps track of a player's peak bat speed within a set and displays it  directly on the screen to keep hitters focused on their goal. 


Knowing that you need to increase bat speed is a start, but awareness alone won't increase bat speed  and power. To do that you need grit, determination and technology that will provide you with the  instant, accurate feedback necessary to make adjustments and ramp up the effectiveness of your  training. That technology is Bat Speed Recon.

First Things First

Before you can get on with the business of developing bat speed you need to know where you stand. Bat  Speed Recon is ready to go right out of the box and can be set up in just a couple of minutes.  

First, attach the included reflective stickers to the end of your overload, underload and game bats. Then  attach the device to a tripod, position it relative to your tee, turn it on and enter the number of swings  you want it to analyze. That’s it! You’re ready to rock. 

Once the Bat Speed Recon bat swing speed trainer is online you will receive instant feedback you can use  to determine which exercises and drills will best help you improve your bat speed. 

What could you do with 25-35 more ft. of ball flight?

Increasing your bat speed by just a few mph can generate 25-35 more feet of ball flight. With that kind of  increase, you can make the team you've always dreamed of playing for. Turn singles into doubles,  doubles into home runs. Be selected as an all-conference, all-league, or all-state player. Play at the next  level, be selected for valuable scholarships, or even get drafted. Bat speed is king at any level! 

Bat Speed FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions that will help you determine how to create more  bat speed. 

  • What is a good bat speed? - For Little League about 45-55 mph. For high school 55-75. For college and  the pros mid-60s to mid-80s. 

  • What are the best exercises to increase bat speed? - For leg strength do squats, deadlifts and leg  presses. For your core, planks, crunches and push-ups. For powerful forearms try wrist curls, finger curls  and squeezing a tennis ball. 

  • What is more important speed or power? - You can’t separate the two. More bat speed will produce  more power and a higher exit velocity. 

  • How to swing a bat with power? - If you need to know how to get more power in your baseball swing,  use our Bat Speed Program. You'll see an increase of 5-7 mph and an associated increase in power.