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Most Precise Baseball Swing Analyzer for Bat Speed Training

The most accurate bat speed measurement device and baseball swing tracker for overload/underload bat speed training.

Bat Speed Recon's mission is to help baseball and softball players maximize their potential by way of increasing their bat speed with the most accurate bat speed measurement device available on the market today.


Bat Speed Recon will explain everything you need to know about baseball swing trackers and bat speed measurement devices. You can discover more about us here.

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Bat Speed Recon instantly measures the bat speed of every swing for baseball and softball players. With absolutely no delay on the reading and display between swings, players are able to train both effectively and efficiently to maximize their hitting potential.


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We offer the most accurate bat speed tracker and analyzer in the world.  Bat Speed Recon's LED infrared lights and sensors accurately determine a player's bat speed on every swing by way of isolating the tip of the bat. This allows the units sensors to pick up the isolated tip of the bat and calculates the bat speed as the swing passes through one sensor and out the other. Bat Speed Recon is accurate to within 0.1 mph every time.

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When in set mode, Bat Speed Recon provides feedback on; what the bat speed was of the most recent swing, what the peak bat speed is in the set as well as the overall average.This incredible feedback allows players the ability to track their progress and measure their improvements over time.

Use our baseball bat tracker to collect reliable data for individual players, team coaches, or training. This information can be used from anything to ranking players during a try-outs, or improving your individual teams bat speed during an outdoor practice. Bat Speed Recon is extremely helpful when determining the selection of your next team, or even to see how much your players have progressed over time.

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Watch a Live Speed Training Session Using the Bat Speed Recon

If you want to maximize your potential and fulfill your dreams, it is absolutely essential to accurately and reliably train your bat speed. Every player has the ability to increase their bat speed which has a direct impact on improving exit velocity, which is the secret to success for a hitter at any level. Watch this video to learn about bat speed training and become familiar with our bat swing analyzer.

Why Measuring Bat Swing Speed Matters

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Bat Speed Matters

Don’t stall your swing training by being inundated with excess variables and metrics.


Concentrate your training on the single most important factor for developing an elite swing.

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Accurately Assess Every Swing

Why rely on algorithmic estimations from knob-based units?

Use our baseball swing analyzer to accurately and precisely capture bat speed every time.

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Measured Results
For Elite Improvement

Don't let erratic feedback contaminate the data or demoralize your training.


Let our accurate measurements gauge and actualize your progress.

Swing speed is a highly essential parameter since it influences how quickly the ball leaves the bat. Therefore, the faster you swing, the higher your exit velocity will be. Higher exit velocity means more home runs.

Bat Speed Recon Testimonials


current D1 infielder

“My power numbers dramatically increased after training with the Bat Speed Recon. My average bat speed increased from 84.5 to 93.3 MPH using the program. The first day of summer the furthest ball I hit was 345 feet and on the last day I hit a personal-best 468 feet.”


current D3 catcher

“I did bat speed training all throughout high school and it was always a struggle to find an accurate radar. When you get a bad reading on other radars it’s discouraging because accurate feedback is so important. The Bat Speed Recon is by far the most accurate radar to train bat speed.”

Kevin Kouzmanoff, 

former MLB infielder

“Bat speed is the one thing amateur players trying to make it to the next level should focus on. A high exit velocity is a direct result of a high bat speed. The Bat Speed Recon is the most important feedback tool you can purchase on the market right now.”